By Dave Aguilera

Denver (CBS)- The official numbers are in for wind and pressure from the “Bomb Cyclone” and they are quite impressive.

The Colorado Climate Center and The National Weather Center both concur that the 80 mph peak gust at Denver International Airport is the strongest non-thunderstorm wind ever at the airport and the 2nd highest wind ever at DIA. The highest wind ever recorded at Denver’s Airport was during a tornado when 97 mph was recorded on June 18, 2013.

The lowest pressure recorded at DIA during this weeks storm was 979.01 millibars which equals 28.91″ of mercury. That is the lowest ever recorded at the Denver Airport. The old DIA record was 979.9 millibars recorded on February 25, 1998.

By the way, these numbers are at Denver International Airport where record keeping began in 1995. The record Low Sea Level Pressure at the former Stapleton Airport still stands at 976.3 millibars.


Dave Aguilera


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