AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Six weeks ago, Schafer Reichart arrived at Children’s Hospital in Aurora from Colorado Springs by emergency helicopter. The teen’s flu and serious strep infection had him fighting for his life.

(credit: Schafer Reichart)

“At first I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was,” Schafer said. “Even when I got flighted up here until I woke up and even then it took a couple of days to realize what happened.”

Schafer was fighting Influenza A when his body was attacked by another infection; strep spread through his body, nearly claiming the young man’s life. On Friday, he was able to walk out of the hospital.

Schafer Reichart (credit: CBS)

“No matter what, you can trust God. You know He fights your battles for you, He’s got a plan and I just got to trust Him and let Him do what only He can do.”

Not only has the community come together for Schafer in remarkable ways, his parents have been by his side every day.

(credit: Schafer Reichart)

“It takes a lot of love to do what they did for me, for that I thank them so much and I love them like crazy.”

Schafer still has a long road ahead. One that will include physical therapy, getting back into school and hopefully getting back to basketball.

(credit: Schafer Reichart)

“What do you miss about it? Oh everything, just holding the ball and being with friends and just playing, it’s a fun game.”

He also wants to get back to being his old self and vows not to forget the lessons he’s learned.

(credit: CBS)

“Just go through life with more compassion for others and just more understand of how hard life can get.”

He can’t wait to be home at last.

(credit: Reichart Family)

“Just being with my family in my house with my dog Summit, I can’t wait to see her.”

So far, more than $38,000 has been raised for the teen’s family through a GoFundMe Campaign.


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