GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)– The move to charge for tours at Coors Brewery is getting some interesting feedback but possibly none as intriguing as an email exchange from “Sir Peter” from the “Kingdom of the Rocky Mountains” and “Sir Tim” with the “Kingdom of Bud Light.”

Starting March 28, a brewery tour will cost $10 (or $5 if you are a Colorado resident and/or student). Tours are free for those younger than 21 years old.

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Coors Brewery (credit: CBS)

The email exchange began with a Colorado School of Mines student to Bud Light after what he claimed was a betrayal by Coors to start charging for brewery tours in Golden.

(credit: CBS)

Here is the email exchange:

King Dilly Dilly,

I write you from a kingdom in the Rocky Mountains. My name is Sir Peter Moschetti, Veteran Knight of the United States Navy. Being born into the Kingdom of the Rocky Mountains required that I drink said brew of the Rockies, Coors. That is until recently, allow me to explain. I am a seeker of wisdom at Colorado School of Mines, for the last 40+ years we have been in good standing with the brew of the Rockies. They let us, as often as we would like, taste the brew and quench our thirst. That is until of late, we have been banished from the kingdom, homeless without a brew family for no other reason than to make a few extra dollars for the king and his princes.

In response we gathered our scribes and put together a petition asking to be allowed to walk the halls of Coors again, demanding they put an end to the madness, but to no avail.

The thousands of signatures fell upon blind eyes as Coors focuses on making money over the well being of their own people. We reached out to nearby villages hoping to gather the many to force the hand of our king. (TV Broadcast) Again, we were denied.

All seemed lost, until we heard of a kind King in a distant land of Budweiser, King Dilly Dilly. As leader of my people I am reaching out to you asking for a brew to call home. I am humbled by your kingdoms prosperity and ability to produce beer without Corn Syrup. Many of my people still do not believe such a thing is possible. This, due in part, to Coors saying that your King lies but after everything that has happened I have no doubt in my mind that a king of your stature could accomplish such a feat.

I am not asking to walk your halls as a Knight like I once did at Coors. I am asking only that you accept my people, a lost people, give them a home when theirs have been burnt to the ground. I ask for aid to get through these rough times. I hope that then, with this opportunity, we can build rapport with your kingdom and walk your halls with our heads held high having once again a place to call home. I also humbly ask you tell people far and wide of the fate that can come to those who come to the Kingdom of the Rockies. Coors Golden gates are nothing more than a snare for the unaware.

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Warmest Regards,
Sir Peter Moschetti

Budweiser (credit: CBS)

And the response from Bud Light:

Hello Sir Peter,

This is Sir Tim with the Kingdom of Bud Light. Although Dilly Dilly is our war cry and not that of the Kingdom of Budweiser, we can forgive this transgression as your intentions were noble.

I hear that you have been wronged by the Kingdom of the Rocky Mountains. Typical! You are not the first soul to fall into their trap, and I daresay you shan’t be the last. It is good, then, that you approached our Kingdom with your woeful tale. Our stores are plentiful, and our hearts even more so; I should very much like to send you a small gesture of welcome. Allow our couriers some time to make the necessary arrangements for delivery. In the meantime, we welcome you and your people to the Kingdom of Bud Light, and will raise a glass in your honor.

Dilly Dilly!
Your Friend at Bud Light

The emails reflect the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial theme of two kingdoms, Coors and Bud Light, set in medieval times.

Tours at the Budweiser facility in Fort Collins start at $5 for designated drivers and children older than 5 years old. It costs $10 for anyone, over the age of 21, planning on tasting two alcoholic samples. That price reflects both in-state and out-of-state visitors.

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Colorado School of Mines (credit: CBS)

More than 1,200 people have signed a petition to keep Coors Brewery tours free for Colorado School of Mines students.