BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Isak Heartstone, a beloved and also disliked troll in Breckenridge, will soon have a new home. A city task force says the wooden troll will sit at Illinois Gulch on Borreas Pass Road.

(credit: Town of Breckenridge)

The troll caused some drama in the town last fall after gaining so much popularity to the point neighbors became upset with increased traffic and decreased parking. He was then dismantled.

(credit: Town of Breckenridge)

Illinois Gulch had the most “pros” and least “cons” on a list of possible places to put Isak. Town officials say Isak will sit alongside a trail, about 200 yards in the woods.

(credit Breck Create)

Isak’s creator, Thomas Dambo, told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas he simply wanted to have his troll somewhere most trolls would like to be.

(credit: CBS)

Dambo says he will need help constructing Isak at his new home. He also says since the story first gained so much attention, he’s been approached by other cities and towns to make their own trolls. He expects to complete 65 by the end of 2019.