DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 is coming together with the Denver Rescue Mission to spread the warmth this winter. The Denver Rescue Mission has several programs that address the factors that contribute to homelessness.

Mark finds strength in his faith as he lives without alcohol. He spends time quality time discussing Bible verses with his chaplain in the New Life program.

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“Getting sober is one thing, but actually trying to change your ways, not thinking about yourself all the time, and doing things for others,” Mark told CBS4.

He’s building a new foundation for his life after years of ups and downs as an alcoholic.

“I lost everything,” Mark said. “I lost my kids, who I haven’t seen in 5-years. Who I miss desperately.”

Mark looks forward to reconnecting with his kids one day, but for now, he’s enjoying the camaraderie he gets at the Denver Rescue Mission’s New Life program. Men struggling with addiction, committed to improving their lives.

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“I’ve seen a lot of guys graduate from this program and it’s changed their entire life. They got their families back. They stayed sober,” Mark said.

Mark hopes that he’s finally establishing his path forward.

“I spent a lot of time dwelling on the past, and all that pain, and now it’s all future.”

CBS4 has partnered with the Denver Rescue Mission to Spread the Warmth this winter. We’re bringing the community together for Coloradans experiencing homelessness. Find out how to help at


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