By Michael Abeyta

GENESEE, Colo. (CBS4) – If you weren’t at the Genesee Park Bison Ranch on Friday at high noon, you missed out on a special Colorado tradition; the annual City and County of Denver bison auction.

(credit: CBS)

“Every year we have calves and every year we have only so much property so we can’t just keep all the calves,” said Richard Gannon, the Superintendent of Denver Mountain Parks.

“It would be great if we could, but we can’t. So every year we sell off our calves,” he said.

Matt Brown is the man who takes care of the Genesee herd. He says this is the day he and his crew look forward to all year.

“This is the fun day for everybody. We get to see the animals that we raised throughout the summer and winter go to other ranches.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

In 1914, the City of Denver acquired the bison from Yellowstone National Park. Today, buyers like Boyd Meyer from Wyoming come from all over the country to try to buy animals from this herd, making bidding on one a tough proposition.

“You know the animals here are definitely above average on quality, so they typically garner a top price,” Meyer said.

(credit: CBS)

Even though quality animals drive a higher price, this uniquely Colorado tradition will likely continue for many years to come because ranchers keep showing up every year.

“I think people really enjoy it,” said Gannon.

Michael Abeyta