AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman driving an SUV to crashed into an IHOP restaurant in Aurora on Thursday and injured several people. None of the injuries were very serious, according to the supervisor.

The crash happened just before noon and jolted everyone inside the restaurant, which is located at 13700 E Mississippi Avenue. IHOP supervisor Aly Ezzedine told CBS4 two of the people who were injured wound up stuck for a short time between a booth and the car after it came to a stop.

The SUV caused damage to several booths and possibly to the structure.

Ezzedine said it was a lucky thing that people weren’t sitting right next to the wall where the SUV entered.

“I’m glad we were less busy than usual,” he said. “If people had been sitting by the window it would have been much worse.”

Police said the woman told them she pressed the gas pedal instead of her brakes before losing control. She was among the people who were shaken up after the crash. No employees were among those who were injured.

The restaurant is closed till further notice and a building inspection will take place.


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