DENVER (CBS4)– Rep. Diana DeGette, a Democrat representing Colorado on Capitol Hill, is leading a discussion on the recent measles outbreak in the U.S. She and other health officials are discussing a plan of action to fight the outbreak.

(credit: CBS)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports nearly 160 cases in the U.S. since Jan. 1. That includes cases in Colorado.

(credit: CBS)

The CDC and National Health Institute will meet in Washington, DC on Wednesday to discuss how to keep the disease from spreading, 19 years after it was essentially wiped out in the U.S.

Right now, doctors are recommending a two-dose vaccine for everyone.

  1. Larry Wallace says:

    German Measles (Rubella) was linked to autism. Measles vaccine is no longer available in the US. The choices are ‘MMR’ vaccine or nothing. Many are choosing nothing. Why not make measles and mumps vaccine for the doubters.

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