By Dominic Garcia

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Skiing has a rich history in Colorado and so do the men and women who protect skiers on the slopes. To capture the history of the Ski Patrol, two patrollers recently released a book, “Ski Patrol in Colorado.”

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Their research took them around the state and a number of resorts pitched in to help.

“What I ended up doing is digging through drawers and patrol shacks and top shacks and looking for those old photos,” said John Cameron, a ski patrol member at Monarch Mountain.

He and Eric Miller, a volunteer patroller at Monarch Mountain, wanted to show people what makes the profession so special, and how it has changed over the years. It just so happened John has a background in writing.

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The idea was formed as they sat in a patrol outpost high on the Continental Divide.

“It was John and I working on patrol one day at the patrol shack. He was showing me this magazine article… I said you’re a writer? I was like you want to co-author this book,” said Eric Miller.

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Their book, “Ski Patrol in Colorado,” creates a home for the epic stories that are passed down through patrol lore on mountains across Colorado. It begins with how it all started.

“Ski patrolling kind of goes back to WWII with the 10th Mountain Division. They got jobs and started influencing the ski industry after WWII. It became a standard expectation to have a medical response on the mountain,” Cameron told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

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It also highlights what makes the job so special and the bonds formed on the ski slopes.

“You’re in the mountains, you’re in a great place and you work with great people. It’s different every day, from running medical to doing snow safety to avalanche work,” said Cameron.

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The two have also teamed up with Blue Spruce Brewery to make Avy Dog Pale Ale. Part of the proceeds will be donated to ski related charities.

LINK: “Ski Patrol In Colorado” | Blue Spruce Brewery

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Dominic Garcia