DENVER (CBS4) – The man who was shot and killed during a carjacking on Perry Street near Colfax Avenue was driving for Uber during the attack. Uber officials say David Rosenthal was using the app at the time of the attack.

(credit: Rosenthal Family)

(credit: Summit County, Utah)

Police identified Matthew Fanellie and Jose Lopez-Jovel as the suspects in the crime early Friday morning. Those suspects then drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Park City, Utah and Roseburg, Oregon as part of a multi-state crime spree, authorities say.

Matthew Fanelli and Jose Lopez-Jovel (credit: CBS)

Drivers within the ride sharing community took to social media Monday and Tuesday vocalizing safety concerns. Several drivers commented saying they were going arm themselves or claimed they already carried.

Tuesday, CBS4 talked to an Uber driver who says he plans to talk with to local lawmakers about increasing protections for Uber and Lyft drivers.

“We don’t have a union. We need some type of governing body to stand up for us,” said Richard Rael.

Richard Rael (credit: CBS)

Rael has been driving for Uber for the past five years. He says he, along with other drivers are growing increasingly concerned. In the last year, he has had to make changes to his routes and security.

“I’ve quit driving LoDo and picking up people who can’t handle alcohol. I’ve changed my times where I have to work. I’ve lost income.”

He also wears a body cam, has installed a dash cam and carries mace and a flashlight that doubles as a Taser.

Despite the growing problems Rael sees, he says there are good moments and good people. It’s what keeps him going.

“(The good) still outweighs the bad. I still enjoy it.”

He says it’s gratifying getting people to their destination safely. Rosenthal’s widow says it was the same for her husband.

(credit: CBS)

Rael says he hopes to get other drivers together to pay tribute to the Rosenthal during his funeral.

“We want to let David not be forgotten. He’s one of us. He did a service to the community but two guys took that away from us.”

An Uber spokesperson said in a statement given to CBS4 on Tuesday:

“We are shocked and heartbroken by this horrific crime, and our thoughts are with David’s family. We cooperated with police on the investigation and hope the individuals responsible are brought to justice.”

CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann spoke with Rosenthal’s widow, Janelle, on Monday night.

Janelle Rosenthal (credit: CBS)

“Denver lost a great, great man, but more importantly the world lost a great, great man,” she said. “What was taken was huge.”

The family is trying to raise money for funeral costs. To help, visit their GoFundMe Page.


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