By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – One of only two licensed marijuana consumption facilities in Colorado has now closed its doors after only a month of business. A statement issued by co-owner Megan Lumpkins at Vape and Play on South Broadway said the place is up for sale and hopes it will reopen.

No reason was given for the closure.

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The statement said it is now shut down temporarily. It provided a legal place to use marijuana in a social setting. As CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger arrived to see if it, in fact, was closed, the smell coming from a nearby bench was obvious so he addressed those who were sitting there.

“We’re dong a story about Vape and Play. Did you ever go there to use your marjiuana?” he asked.

They did not immediately reply and moved away as Sallinger asked, “Did you know that it is illegal to use it in public?

A woman answered, “You know what? Come on man.”

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The sign inside Vape and Play reads please remember to bring your own cannabis. They were not allowed to sell it, which may have cut into any profits.

One of the women who had been sitting on the bench asked, “If it is legal to buy it in the stores, it’s legal. We shouldn’t have to go through this.”

(credit: CBS)

The Coffee Joint at 11th and Yuma in Denver is now the only other place with a license. A customer, named Travis, said such places are necessary if you want to use pot.

(credit: CBS)

“Are you going to a park? Are you going to go to a restaurant? Are you going to go… where?” he asked.

Only vaping, no smoking is allowed. Travis is using what’s called an e-nail provided by the store to heat and vaporize his cannabis.

When Rita Salyuk started this place a year ago she figured the competition would soon become fierce for places to consume pot.

Rita Salyuk (credit: CBS)

“When we opened up we thought there would be hundreds coming,” she said. She said that has not been the case. She says it is busy though. They have functions like, movie night, singles night and crafts night. It is rented out for private parties.

Their bets are hedged. Rita’s husband owns the marijuana dispensary next door and there’s a door between them.

Rick Sallinger


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