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WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4) – Team sports aim to teach invaluable life lessons, but some athletes don’t want to choose between fun and safety. That is often the case with some sports.

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“TackleBar is a safer approach to football, while keeping the spirit and tradition alive within the game,” said Sean Healy with TackleBar.

Sean Healy (credit: CBS)

Healy displayed TackleBar equipment at Glazier Coaches Clinic in Westminster.

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The creators describe TackleBar as a transition between flag football and tackle football. It give kids an authentic football experience, with less risk of getting hurt. It eliminates big hits and high impact collisions.

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Players wear traditional football equipment, plus a TackleBar harness with two foam bars across the lower back.

“This teaches the kids to get low, wrap up, and rip off the bar,” said Healy.

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Players are safe, without losing the physicality of football.

“It teaches sound fundamental tackling. The only thing TackleBar doesn’t have is taking the ball carrier to the ground and that’s where most injuries happen,” said Healy. “This allows the kids that may be late bloomers to grow into their bodies and be ready for tackle football.”

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Healy says flag football doesn’t teach the proper technique and more kids get hurt as a result.

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“The parents are the ones signing up their kids for football. If they’re scared that their kids are going to get pummeled or have a concussion or break their arm, they’re not likely to sign up their kids,” said Healy.

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There’s already a huge decline in youth football participation. Healy hopes the TackleBar will keep more kids on the field, and off the couch.

“I learned so much playing football. Integrity, commitment, hard work. I just want this sport to stay around,” said Healy.

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Professional football players and coaches endorse the TackleBar, and agree that these options should be available to keep kids in the game.

The TackleBar is already being used in youth teams across the country.

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