DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 is partnered with the Denver Rescue Mission to raise money and awareness for people experiencing homelessness during the Colorado winter.

“During the winter months, we tend to see people you don’t normally utilize our shelter. People who would typically stay outside are coming in, and getting a hot meal, using our beds to have a warm place to stay overnight,” said Nicole Tschetter, the PR & Media Specialist at the Denver Rescue Mission.

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CBS4 and the Rescue Mission launched the Spread the Warmth campaign in January to support those experiencing homelessness.

“We offer emergency services, which is our Lawrence Street Community Center, and our Lawrence Street Shelter. We also offer transitional programs, which is our STAR Transitional Program, and rehabilitation program, which is our New Life Program,” Tschetter explained.

As the temperatures drop, the Rescue Mission sees more people wanting to come in off the street. Staff opens the Lawrence Street Community Center for extended hours. Last year, they served 10,596 people at that center.

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“What we do at our Lawrence Street Community Center is three meals-a-day, and we also, during colder temperatures, we bring people inside our Community Center so they stay warm,” Tschetter confirmed.

The Spread the Warmth campaign asked the Colorado community to support the Rescue Mission with cash donations as well as with donations of cold weather clothing.

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“Our cash donations are used for a variety of things. That money goes towards meals and helps with program costs. 10-dollars can provide three meals and a night of shelter for someone here,” Tschetter told CBS4. “One of our biggest needs right now is winter clothes, that includes everything from hats, gloves, coats, anything that you would need to put on to get out the door in the morning when it’s cold outside are items that people need for our guests here.”

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The Denver Rescue Mission served more than 900,000 meals last year, distributed 185 tons of clothing, and provided more than 400,000 nights of shelter to people in need.

“Having a pair of gloves, or being able to give someone a meal can really give them hope at a time when they need it,” Tschetter said.

CBS4 has partnered with the Denver Rescue Mission to Spread the Warmth this winter. We’re bringing the community together for Coloradans experiencing homelessness. Find out how to help at


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