DENVER (CBS4) — At least a dozen vehicles were involved in a crash on a slick, snowy street in Denver Monday morning. It happened around 8 a.m. on Speer Boulevard near 13th.


The Denver Police Department said no one was seriously hurt. Witnesses told CBS4 one woman was injured after getting out of her car to check the damage.


CBS4 talked to one driver who said he applied the brakes and slid about eight car lengths.

We asked what he was thinking as his car was sliding.

“Oh… bad word, bad word… I’m going to hit somebody,” Michael McMinn said, censoring himself.

Another driver said he saw the pileup and was able to stop about 40 feet away, but his car got hit from behind and pushed into the wreck.

“I was watching in my rear mirror because I was afraid someone would hit me, and sure enough this car, I saw was not going to stop,” Rick Bailey told CBS4. “It bashed into our back and pushed us here. We did hit the car in front of us, but not hard.”

CBS4 traffic reporter Andrea Flores encouraged drivers to avoid the area for a while.

Northbound Speer was closed in the area until about 9:40 a.m.