By Logan Smith

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Saturday’s brief snow almost prevented a round of golf by making it difficult to get around. Joe Martines teed off with Tony Dutenhoffer for game of golf at Sunset Golf Course in Longmont in the afternoon.

(credit: Joe Martines)

(credit: Joe Martines)

Snow flurries tried to interfere with their “high stakes” match, Martines said.

But the pair tried to push through.

(credit: Joe Martines)


(credit: Joe Martines)

But — as their pictures show — conditions got progressively worse with Martines’s pushcart.

(credit: Joe Martines)

The wheels on the push cart continued to gather layers of snow as the duo rolled from one hole to the next.

(credit: Joe Martines)

The wheels on the cart grew to snowman-like proportions.

(credit: Joe Martines)

In the end, Martines’s arms could not play through.

(credit: Joe Martines)

“I was forced to forfeit the round due to the weight of my cart,” he told CBS4. “My playing partner claimed that I was making weak excuses and requested that I formally concede the round or continue. Officially, I conceded the match and settled up. A total blast.”

(credit: Joe Martines)

Martines has not divulged how he got the cart back in his car.


Logan Smith


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