DENVER (CBS4)– Renters may soon have greater leverage when it comes to getting things fixed. Lawmakers are discussing a bill that would allow a tenant to withhold rent if their place becomes inhabitable.

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That includes things like broken appliances, mold, no heat or hot water. The bill requires tenants notify landlords in writing of the problem.

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Landlords would then have 24-72 hours to fix the issue. They would also have to relocate the tenant if they request it and would be prohibited from retaliating.

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“Nobody is trying to harm landlords here. Every landlord has a right to make money off of their property and to charge fair market rate. But every tenant that is paying that fair market rent rate also has a right to live in healthy and safe conditions,” said Rep. Dominique Jackson, a Democrat representing Aurora.

This is the second year the bill has come up at the state Capitol. The Apartment Association opposed the bill last year and it failed.