PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – Kristina Corcoran has been enjoying Denver Restaurant Week from the beginning, and over the years she’s developed a tradition.

LINK: Menus for Denver Restaurant Week

Corcoran runs the website/blog/social media channels for Denver Free Fun. From her home office, she compiles all the free and low cost fun that can be had in the Denver Metro Area, so she’s already got her finger on the pulse of good deals.

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“When they started Restaurant Week, we started going right away. It was such a great deal to try new restaurants and everything,” Corcoran told CBS4.

While experimenting during Denver Restaurant Week, Corcoran and her family have found some restaurants they go back to now over and over.

“Root Down, they’re always a favorite. And last year they were fantastic for Restaurant Week,” Corcoran explained.

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Over the years, Corcoran has developed a tradition of making three reservations during the week.

“We always do one that’s with the kids, one with friends, and one that’s a date night.”

This year her reservations including Beast + Bottle for date night, Ocean Prime with friends, and Root Down for the family.

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“I love that they’re including more and more restaurants every year. When it started out, there were just a few restaurants that were participating. It was a lot of fun, but you had a limited selection. Now, there’s so many, it takes like more than an hour to go through all the menus and figure out which places we want to go to.”


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