By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4)– The owners of an RV that was vandalized earlier this month are still upset about being the target of graffiti. But now, they’re getting some support.

(credit: CBS)

Sarah Weber, her boyfriend Miguel Marciglia and their roommate Bergen Baucom, use their beloved RV all the time.

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“We’ve taken it Albuquerque to the balloon festival. we take it skiing a lot,” said Baucom.

(credit: CBS)

On Feb. 1, they woke up to a nasty surprise. Someone, evidently unhappy with their decision to park the RV in their Cherry Creek neighborhood, decided to let them know by spray painting “No RV Parking” along the side of the vehicle.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s just bothersome because we’ve got a friendly neighborhood. Or so you think,” said Baucom.

CBS4 first published their story on Saturday. At the time, Sarah didn’t know how they would come up with the $15,000 to get it fixed.

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(credit: CBS)

Jim Humble and his employees at Cousins RV also saw the story on CBS 4.

“I think when we saw this story a lot of my staff members and myself included we took that to heart” he says. “I think the thing that stuck out to us is the sentimental value with RVs are a lot of times more important.”

Jim Humble (credit: CBS)

He knew he had to do something to help out a fellow RV enthusiast, “In this case we did feel badly and saw the video of them traveling together and we just like to help out.”

(credit: CBS)

Cousins RV has offered to repaint the vandalized RV free of charge. Sarah is happy because it will save her thousands of dollars.

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CBS4’s Michael Abeyta interviews Jim Humble (credit: CBS)

“Thank you so much for being a part of our community and just thank you. We are so excited,” said Weber.

(credit: CBS)

Michael Abeyta