By Michael Abeyta

GLENDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – Aimee Anderson is watching a dog in her home very closely, but it’s not her dog. In fact, she doesn’t even know its name.

“I wish I did,” she admitted.

(credit: CBS)

His name should be “Lucky.” About a week ago Aimee saw a post on Nextdoor saying a dog had been hit by a car near the intersection of Monaco Street and Yale Avenue in south Denver.

(credit: CBS)

The following day there was a follow-up post.

“A gentleman was out walking his dogs in Bible Park, and he posted a picture on that same Nextdoor neighborhood app,” said Aimee. “Somebody linked the fact that it was the same dog that had been hit.”

(credit: CBS)

A cold snap was on the way, so neighbors banded together to look for the dog in the frigid temperatures. After a few sightings, they were finally able to catch up with the dog.

“A neighbor that lives over near Cherry Creek spotted him along the creek. She went home to get food and by the time she came back he was gone,” she said. “So he ran toward the Target parking lot in Glendale and three people came together to wrangle him in.”

(credit: CBS)

Aimee has since taken him in and taken him to the vet. He does have some bumps and bruises, but otherwise seems to be doing just fine.

Based solely on his personality, she does know he is someone’s pet.

“He’s loving. He wants to sleep on the couch.”

(credit: CBS)

Plus he knows how to sit on command and shake. All in all, he’s a very well-trained dog.

Unfortunately they couldn’t find a microchip on the dog. Now she just wants to get him back home so his family can enjoy him once again.

“His people are out there. We just need to find them.”

Michael Abeyta


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