By Jamie Leary

DENVER (CBS4) – With the DPS teachers strike continuing into its second day, it’s likely more students will be missing from the classroom.

(credit: CBS)

“There weren’t any classes. We were given packets that weren’t really helpful for any of our classes and I’m a junior and I take three AP classes and you can’t really teach those by looking at a paper. You need a teacher in the room,” said Claire Weiser, a junior at DCIS.

Claire spent several hours in class before choosing to leave. Her brother, a freshman at South High School, left class to attend the protests downtown.

While the school normally notifies parents if a child is absent from class, the only notification the Weisers received Monday was a text from their children, asking permission to leave.

“My first thought was when we heard about this was how long is this gonna last? I mean, from the first day, it’s already been a disaster I mean at least from what we’ve heard from our children, from what we’ve heard from our friends and their children, so …” said Nicolas Weiser.

Claire Weiser (credit: CBS)

The Weiser family feels lucky their children are older. Both parents are able to work if their children choose to stay home. They know there are many who don’t have this luxury.

“There are parents who are also not getting paid because they can’t go to work because they need to be with their children,” Nora Weiser continued, “I just hope that the people who are making the decisions at the highest level understand how it’s impacting those at the lowest level.”

Despite the fact that Claire and her brother will likely not be in the classroom Tuesday, Claire is still learning from her teachers.

“I feel like I’m kind of part of a big event, something that’s bigger than just myself as a student. It involves teachers, it involves a national scale with other districts following in the footsteps of our district and protesting.”

(credit: CBS)

The family has no idea how long the teachers will strike but said they wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted through the week.

Jamie Leary