DENVER (CBS4) –– Video taken by students inside Denver’s East High School shows kids jumping up and down, blaring music and shouting chants in the middle of the hallway during the first day of the teacher strike.

Multiple students could be seen filming the scene on their cell phones.

In a second video, kids can be heard chanting, “Pay our teachers!”

Students at East shared these video with us but we’ve now heard many of those students have left.

Posts on Snapchat and Twitter showed other kids playing cards and other games in class. At some schools, students watched movies in gyms or auditoriums.

Meanwhile, many students at Denver’s South High School joined their teachers on the picket lines.

The superintendent of Denver Public Schools said she visited multiple schools and saw a variety of conditions but said most of the places she visited were calm, quiet and orderly.

“There was a range of things happening — it wasn’t a normal day,” Susana Cordova said. “It is a problem for our kids not to have teachers in class.”

According to Denver Public Schools, there are a total of 4,725 teachers in the district. More than 2,600 did not report to work on Monday.

This is the first time in 25 years teachers in Colorado’s largest school district have gone on strike. There are no additional negotiations planned for Monday.




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