DENVER (CBS4)– Some people living in a Cherry Creek neighborhood believe an RV parked on the street is an eyesore. But now police are investigating after it was vandalized.

Someone decided to spray paint a message on the RV. “No RV Parking” is scrawled across the recreation vehicle in bold, black spray painted letters.

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“Evidently someone who lives around here painted “No RV Parking” to let it know it’s disturbing the neighborhood,” said Kathy, a neighbor.

While she doesn’t like the RV parking across the street from her bedroom window, she also thinks whoever spray-painted the message is wrong.

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“We don’t like the graffiti either. We’re not happy with that,” said Kathy.

She and other neighbors are hoping police will do something about it.

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“I think once it get reported the police will have it towed,” she said.

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The owners of the RV live in the neighborhood.

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“It’s just bothersome because we’ve got a friendly neighborhood, or so you think,” said Sarah Weber.

Weber and her boyfriend Miguel Marciglia woke up the morning of Feb. 1 to find their RV vandalized. It was parked just a half block from their home.

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Bergen Baucom is their roommate and she says they use the RV all the time.

“We’ve taken it to Albuquerque to the Hot Air Balloon Festival, we have taken it night skiing a lot. Sarah has a lot of nieces and nephews so we go on a lot of camping trips with the littles. We just use it for a lot of fun,” said Baucom.

(credit: CBS)

It will cost $15,000 to have the RV repainted.

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Police say if you see a vehicle that you think is abandoned, call the non-emergency number in your police district. They have a process in place to deal with abandoned vehicles.