JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — The Colorado State Patrol is taking aim at dangerous drivers with a silly video starring “Trooper I.M. Cupid.” The farcical video begins with Trooper Cupid (a.k.a. Josh Lewis) realizing Valentine’s Day is approaching and selecting the perfect weapon for a special, heart-felt mission.

(credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

After selecting a serious crossbow, Trooper Cupid hits the streets looking for drivers who aren’t taking the proper safety precautions. His first target is a man who isn’t wearing a seat belt. He loads an arrow topped with a paper heart that reads “love yourself.”

(credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

He scores a direct hit and the man buckles up. Trooper Cupid goes on to target a woman who is about to drive drunk and a man texting behind the wheel.

After helping prevent several potentially dangerous situations, Trooper Cupid celebrates a job well done.

(credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

You may recognize Trooper Lewis from other videos and viral moments… like the time he caught the attention of singer Kelly Clarkson.

The CSP tweeted photos of Lewis wide-eyed with excitement and smooching a computer monitor with Clarkson as the screensaver.

The agency jokingly quoted Lewis as saying he’d give a “get out jail” card to whomever could get him backstage to meet her.

“Okay somebody has got to get this man a pass,” Clarkson tweeted. “He deserves it!”


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