By Kelly Werthmann

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– It’s called a “Night To Shine,” a fun-filled prom for those with special needs. The event is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

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The unforgettable experience took place at the Peace With Christ Lutheran Church on Tower Road in Aurora on Friday night.

“Chin up,” Von Limbaugh said as he helped his son shave in a pre-prom grooming ritual.

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For 16-year-old Andrew Limbaugh, his dad has just the right touch.

“We have to look good for the ladies!” Von said with a laugh.

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Andrew’s special night wouldn’t be complete without his favorite tie.

“Tell me what’s on your tie,” CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann said to Andrew.

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“Donuts!” the teen happily replied.

“I hear you really like donuts,” Werthmann said.

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“Yeah!” Andrew said with a big smile.

Andrew’s dad explained donuts have a special meaning to his son.

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“He was nonverbal for the first seven or eight years,” Von said. “His first word was ‘donut,’ and that’s his nickname, too.”

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Sporting his awesome donut tie, Andrew joined more than 100 other guests at the special night. Every guest gets the royal treatment from the red carpet and paparazzi, to shoe-shining, fresh flowers and limo rides.

“People in this community love to dance and love to party!” Michelle Limbaugh, Andrew’s mom and volunteer at the prom, said.

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For many, the special night is a chance to party like they never have before.

“Not only did I not go to prom, but I have a son who has Down Syndrome that was never asked,” Terri Noll, an honored guest, said.

Michelle Limbaugh (credit: CBS)

Nearly 200 volunteers came together to make the prom possible. They all embraced one another for what makes them special.

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“That’s all this is, a reminder to just be loving and accepting,” Michelle said.

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Night to Shine is a faith-based prom. More than 500 churches host proms in more than 15 countries.

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