CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. (CBS4) – Krystal Lee Kenney, the woman who was known to be friends with Kelsey Berreth‘s fiancé, has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of evidence tampering. Lee, who is from Twin Falls, Idaho, cried as she appeared before a Teller County judge Friday morning and made the plea.

Krystal Lee (credit: Colorado Springs Police)

Prosecutors claim Patrick Frazee, of Florrisant, killed Berreth, of Woodland Park. Kenney had been close with Frazee and was aware that his fiancee had disappeared on Thanksgiving day after dropping off her child.

Kelsey Berreth, left, and Patrick Frazee, right (credit: Woodland Park Police/Teller County)

Kenney admitted that she moved Berreth’s cellphone.

Trying to hold back tears, Kenney told the court, “I knew Patrick Frazee committed a homicide on approximately Nov. 22, 2018 in Teller County. I knew that law enforcement would be investigating that crime. I moved the victim’s cell phone with the intent to impair the phone’s availability in the investigation. I had no right or authority to move the victim’s cell phone. That occurred between Nov. 24 and Nov. 25, 2018 in Teller County.”

A text was sent from Barreth’s cellphone to her employer indicating that she would not be returning to work immediately.

District Attorney Dan May said Kenney’s plea agreement requires her to testify in the future “if needed.”

Kenney will not be sentenced until after Frazee’s case is complete. Her sentence could be as slim as probation or as hefty as three years in jail.

Frazee was charged in December with murder and solicitation to commit murder in 29-year-old Berreth’s death. Her body has not been found. Police have said evidence indicates she was killed in her Woodland Park home on or around Thanksgiving.

(credit: CBS)

Frazee is due back in court Feb. 19 in the criminal case. Attorneys with the state public defender’s office representing Frazee have said they will not comment on ongoing cases.

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  1. Kathleen Murphy-Sage says:

    I bet she knows where the body is…

  2. Rebecah Clifton says:

    Her nursing license should be pulled and never reinstated, and hopefully she will serve the maximum sentence. What kind of person does this, instead of instantly going to authorities upon learning of a murder?

  3. Jeff Bailey says:

    Witness tampering? You purposely embellish the headline knowing it was evidence tampering. Failing a journalism AGAIN.

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