TAYLOR, Ark. (CBS Local) — The “Jack and Jill” style bathroom layout is under scrutiny after the father of a 5-year-old girl noticed his daughter wasn’t comfortable using the restrooms at her elementary school.

“Boys and girls do not belong in the bathroom together,” Chase Lindsey told KTBS. “In today’s world, places are saying it’s okay.”

With the restrooms’ layout, the only time boys and girls are in there at the same time are at the sinks. But Lindsey says that’s not right. “Even if they’re fully enclosed stalls, you shouldn’t come out of your stall and see a boy at the sink. That’s wrong,” he explained.

Lindsey believes the stress caused his daughter to wet herself twice. He also said a boy in another classroom tried to get in the girls restroom before, but wasn’t sure if anyone was in the stall or not.

Since then, the school has allowed Lindsey’s daughter to use a private bathroom in the office.

The principal and superintendent say the bathroom layout, installed in 1970, has never been an issue before and teachers monitor restroom breaks.

“Our policy is, when a student goes to the restroom, as the teacher is teaching, she navigates over towards the bathroom just to keep that observation of the students. And that’s even with the privacy measures that we’ve already got in place, which we think are more sufficient,” said Principal Robby Frizzell.

School Superintendent Gary Hines says the only reason a child could walk in on another student is if the child isn’t locking the door.

“If you don’t close the door properly and activate the lock, then someone could open the door up,” Hines said. “So that’s also a good time to teach proper bathroom etiquette,” Superintendent Gary Hines said.

But Lindsey believes a wall should be built between the two stalls so each class has its own restroom.

“I have full confidence in the teachers,” said Lindsey. “I was trying to say that by doing this, you put the trust and responsibility back in the teacher’s hands and not have to worry about another kids from another classroom.”