By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – The next era of scouting started Colorado this week.

“We kind of want to have a big start,” said Liz Germain with Scouts BSA Troop 262.

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Tuesday was the first night for the all-girl troop based out of the Masonic Lodge in Park Hill. It met at the same time, and in the same place, as a longstanding boys troop, Troop 62. But, their paths forward will be very different.

Liz Germain (credit: CBS)

“We’re starting all the girls from scratch, and we’ll be working with them regularly through that rank advancement and having fun with them,” said Scoutmaster Rob Germain.

Scouting isn’t anything new for the Germain family. They’re just happy Liz can finally get credit for her work.

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“She’s been involved with scouting with me since my son started cub scouts. She’s always been at my side, she’s always been there to help open meetings or close meetings,” Rob said.

“It’s such an incredible experience and I can do everything boys can do and it will really help me in life,” Liz said.

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While the girls and boys are separated into different troops, they’re all working for the same goal of Eagle Scout.

“I’m definitely up to it. And I’m extremely excited for it too. I think I can really put all my skills to the test and be a leader,” said Liz.

Troop 262 already has six girls on the first night, but it’s expected to grow. But many of the girls are just excited to be on a new path.

(credit: CBS)

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“We’re the pioneers of scouting. And so, we’re starting and really getting everything up and running. It’ll really help for us to have a close relationship and starting off as the first people of our troop,” Liz said.

Jeff Todd