PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – “Military Owned and Operated” is the claim from a K-9 trainer in Parker, but CBS4 took a deeper look and his history as Marine Corps veteran did not pan out.

Kristi (credit: CBS)

“It was right in this room actually and he was standing in front of this television and she was just laying by him and he pounced at her and kicked her in the head,” Kristi said.

Kristi asked CBS4 not to use her last name. She says the incident happened to her dog Anna during a training session with Justin Paisley.

Justin Paisley (credit: CBS)

At the time, he was running Elite K9 Dynamics in Parker, claiming to have years of experience from his more than 20 years of experience as a marine K9 handler.

“He was dressed in nothing but his dog tags and military sweatshirt and Marine sweatshirt and his car was all decked out in a Purple Heart sticker and military valor, everything military,” Kristi said.

(credit: CBS)

Kristi paid Paisley for six sessions but halfway through she got a text message saying he was in the hospital and it was unclear when or if he would ever be in stable condition.

Around the same time in late October, CBS4 began questioning Paisley’s credentials. Using a birthdate found on public records associated with his business, we checked for a military background and found nothing.

There was however, a lengthy rap sheet and mug shot from Paisley’s time in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

(credit: CBS)

“It came to light, I knew I didn’t have a good feeling and it’s true he is a fraud and a con artist and a thief,” she said.

She was not the only one with a story. Dozens of his former clients shared their own stories of questionable training and money lost, many of which Parker police are now investigating.

“This is a game to him, he has no remorse,” Kristi said.

CBS4 has now learned he is operating in Aurora under the name Paw Print K9 Training.

We called the number for that company, it rang directly back to Paisleys old business. When he returned our call, he claimed to have never heard of Paw Print K9 Training and could not explain why his photo was on the new company’s Facebook page.

We also asked for proof of his military service.

“Are you military?” CBS4 reporter Karen Morfitt asked Paisley.

“You seem to know,” he responded.

Paisley never answered that question.

“I’m not giving you any information Karen,” Paisley said.

“And why would you not do that if you want to clear your name?” Morfitt responded.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” he said.

His former clients disagree.

“Do your research, trust your gut and definitely steer clear of him,” Kristi said.

Karen Morfitt

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  1. Sad, but great post. I have come across another guy on social media claiming with the use of an electrical collar he can teach and rehabilitate any dog. I really hate these things as I have come across quite a few dogs whose brains have been fried by these collars, and I keep saying what is wrong with time, love and patience, the only way to train anyone, human or canine?

  2. Frito Pepperoni says:

    Doesn’t Colorado Corrections run a dog training program for inmates? Any guesses on how Justin Paisley (or Pasley, as on his FB page) learned about dogs, ’cause it certainly wasn’t from the USMC. His use of a USMC veterans license plate and purple heart sticker really burns me up too. If he forged a DD-214 to get that plate, There’s ANOTHER felony for his record. Keep racking them up, JP. It will be great to see a new mugshot of you.

  3. Stephen S. Konegni says:

    Good job Karen. I’m a former Marine and a retired cop who was a K-9 handler for nearly seven years. Jerks like Paisley are probably sociopaths with no remorse about ruining other’s live or their dogs and in this case he needs to be reacquainted with being a prisoner at a State Corrections facility. Seems he is running a criminal enterprise, a felony, and could be prosecuted as such.
    As for the claim of being a Marine. Just unacceptable. Thank you for making this clown accountable with fame for being a fraudster.

    Steve Konegni

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