When: March 8, 2019

Where: 5100 East Highway 14 Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

What: In this class I will walk you thru the 4 crucial and surprising components needed to Up- Level your Authentic Visibility and to stop hiding and start Influencing your Ideal Clients, your Team and/or your Audience…all from a place of Total Integrity, Alignment and Grace. You will leave with greater confidence in your ability to have the positive impact you want, permission to let your freak flag fly, and knowing what YOU need to do next. You WILL BE Taught, a unique Interactive Model to understand the complex inner workings of a powerful Influencer! Which will support you in showing up fully Present and Powerful, without hiding any parts of yourself. So, I Welcome you to The Heart of Visibility Process Map, intro night. This event is ticketed and will cost $25. Click here for more information