DENVER (CBS4)– Starting this weekend, some King Soopers stores will no longer be open 24 hours in Colorado. Five locations will get rid of its round-the-clock store hours starting Sunday.

The grocery store chain will get rid of the round-the-clock hours at other King Soopers locations around Colorado including two in Denver, Fort Collins, Lakewood and Glendale.

(credit: CBS)

Those stores will shift their business hours to 5 a.m. to midnight starting Sunday. King Soopers says the change is due to changing shopping patterns.

  1. My work schedule makes–made–shopping after Midnight at King Soopers a necessity. I even wasted time and money to get to the Glendale store late one night only to discover this misinformed choice by Kroger management.
    Working people like me depend–depended–on 24 hour access to necessary services such as the ability to get Groceries.
    This is but another sign that the American Economy is no longer working for those of us in the bottom quadrilles of income.

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