DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s Senate has passed a bill to have the state award its presidential electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. Democratic Sen. Mike Foote’s bill would have Colorado join 11 states and the District of Columbia in what’s called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

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It would change how Colorado’s electoral votes are cast at the Electoral College. Currently, 270 electoral votes are needed to win the U.S. presidency. Compact proponents say it would go into effect once enough states with 270 votes enter the pact.

Colorado has nine electoral votes. Compact members currently have 172 electors.

The bill, which passed on party lines Tuesday, goes to the Democrat-controlled House.

Several presidents, most recently Donald Trump in 2016, were elected with an electoral college majority despite losing the popular vote.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story The Associated Press reported erroneously that the compact would replace the Electoral College. The compact would change how Colorado’s electoral votes are cast at the college.

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  1. Joe Cobl says:

    I would guess that the Supreme Court would end up having to vote on this end run around the Constitution!! It would give the populous states more power than ever to control our lives in flyover country where people tend to be more conservative and comfortable in our founding Father’s principled direction!!

  2. Emily Crochet-Peters says:

    Wish you would have reported on this WELL BEFORE the bill went up for vote so that those who may oppose it could use their dying voices!

  3. Alan Culpin says:

    Shame on those Democrats. This would virtually hand the power to elect the President to the Coasts, and leave the rest of the country powerless. Criminal.

  4. How stupid is this idea??? So it would not matter how Coloradans voted…our votes would be added to California and New York giving us no voice in the selection of the President. Surely, Mike Foote and the Democrats have other things they can spend their time on instead of robbing us of our vote. Shame!

  5. It doesn’t replace the Electoral College; it’s an end-run around the Electoral College. To replace the Electoral College, you need a Constitutional amendment. This is a sneaky, underhanded way to avoid having to amend the Constitution, which there is no way they’d be able to do.

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