GLEN HAVEN, Colo. (CBS4) — Residents in Glen Haven say they’re heartbroken and disgusted about the death of a mild-mannered bull elk that was a regular visitor in the community. The elk known as “Glen” was described as the “resident patriarch.”

“He would visit all the neighbors in our area and even bonded with the neighbor’s dog,” resident Marsha Hobert told CBS4.

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(credit: Marsha Hobert)

Hobert captured pictures of Glen stretching and settling down for a nap in the grass outside her house earlier this month.

(credit: Marsha Hobert)

“It was just devastating,” Hobert continued, “when my neighbor called me just hysterical that she had witnessed these hunters right across the road killing this animal.”

Investigators with Colorado Parks and Wildlife are looking into whether the hunter that killed Glen in Glen Haven was on private property and whether the hunter had permission to be there. There are allegations he did not.

The hunter could face trespassing charges, according to Jason Clay of the CPW.

“He was just a beautiful elk,” Hobert added.

This incident is separate from another case CPW is investigating in the same area. An “egregious poaching,” as CPW’s Clay described it, occurred Jan. 13 a mile outside of Glen Haven along Dry Gulch Road.

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News of the Glen’s death spread quickly through the small community located just outside Estes Park.

“So sad for all of you who got to see Glen on an almost daily basis. I hope they have the names of the people who did this. I’m sure no one in the area would give permission for hunters on their land. Makes me sad,” Diane Wyatt wrote on Facebook. “I hope they learn that the people of Glen Haven loved our Glen.”

“My heart is broken. I absolutely loved seeing the photos everyone in the Glen posted of him. He was an inspiration and instilled such happiness in everyone he visited,” Laurie Button wrote.

(credit: Marsha Hobert)

“I’m sorry to hear this,” Karin Hendersin commented. “He was the Glen’s resident patriarch for a long time.”

“It is so tragic when humans take advantage of an old wild animal that is so comfortable in human surroundings,” Donabeth Downey wrote.

“Horrible to do this to such a gentle, majestic creature,” Marcella Bicknell commented.


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