DENVER (CBS4) — After an unusually dry start to the winter, Denver got hit with two snow storms in one week. Both hit just in time to cause major problems with the morning commute.


At 6 a.m. on Thursday, the Denver Police Department said it had already responded to 19 crashes.

“We know this isn’t the majestic snowfall of December and that you’re all in a hurry to get off the roads, but please take it slow and give yourself self that extra stopping distance,” police tweeted. “Better to arrive late than not at all.”

By 11 a.m., police said there had been 72 crashes.

Blowing snow and low visibility made it a difficult drive across the metro area.

Highways and side streets were snow packed and slippery.

On Tuesday, Denver police responded to dozens of crashes after an overnight storm left streets snowy and slick.

The Colorado Department of Transportation said it had over 100 snow plows out clearing state highways in the Denver metro area, but they do not maintain side streets. You can go to to see track the snow plows.

(credit: CDOT)