DENVER (CBS4)– A puppy that survived a euthanasia attempt could be coming to Colorado. “Rudolph” survived a euthanasia attempt in Iowa and may be a Colorado veteran’s best friend.

(credit: CBS)

He’s an 8-month-old Labrador American Pit bull mix. A shelter in Oklahoma tried to euthanize him but something happened and it didn’t work.

One man who works at King’s Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter stepped in to save the puppy. He drove three hours to adopt Rudolph.

(credit: CBS)

Now, Jacob Hommer wants to give the puppy a new home in Colorado.

“I sent him the story on this dog. I said, ‘Check out this dog. It’s an incredible story.’ He was so moved by it and emotional that he said, ‘I have to have this dog,'” said Hommer.

(credit: CBS)

The pet rescue said they have never heard of a dog surviving euthanasia and are excited the dog gets a second chance at life.