By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – Colorado is no stranger to volcanic activity, but a new IMAX movie playing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is giving a completely new perspective on Volcanos.

“The first time I was on a volcano I was 15 years old with my parents. Since then I’ve continued with my travels to active volcanoes,” said Carsten Peter a photographer and the main character in “Volcanoes 3D: The Fires of Creation.”

Carsten Peter speaks to CBS4’s Jeff Todd (credit: CBS)

Peter is a National Geographic photographer who was always put himself in extreme situations. He chased tornadoes with famed Colorado meteorologist Tim Samaras. Now, he’s refocused his attention and camera lenses on volcanoes.

“I entered several volcanoes, but it’s only possible with certain type of volcanoes. There are a lot of factors which are quite dangerous and could turn against you,” Peter said.

(credit: Carsten Peter)

He and his team traveled the world, from Japan to Ethiopia; Italy to Hawaii last spring.

“In terms of eruption it was spectacular and unusual; I’ve never seen anything like that despite chasing volcanos for quite a while. That was breathtaking and also hard to see what the consequences was for humans,” Peter said about the Kilauea eruptions in 2018.

The movie premieres in Denver on January 24 and runs through May 19. You can find more information at

Jeff Todd


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