By Rick Sallinger

EVANS, Colo. (CBS4) – A male deputy from Adams County was shot and critically injured after a police chase in Weld County on Wednesday night. He was off-duty at the time and he was shot by a LaSalle police officer.

(credit: CBS)

The deputy was rushed to the hospital and remained in critical condition on Thursday. His name isn’t being released.

The chase started at 10:25 p.m., according to Greeley police. Officers chased two cars on Highway 85 from Platteville to Evans after the drivers “failed to yield to officers.” In Evans they stopped one of the cars and police said “an officer discharged their weapon.” The driver of one of the cars turned out to be the deputy.

(credit: CBS)

Police radio conversations indicated the shooting began with a report of an intoxicated driver.

Dispatcher: “Units, stand by for a possible drunk driver, County Road 2 and Highway 85….Be on the lookout for a silver Jeep no plates, weaving, almost caused a couple accidents leaving from the light at County Road 2.”

The pursuit began several minutes earlier along Highway 85. A silver Jeep was described as changing lanes and driving on the shoulder.

Deputy: “Can you see if county or Platteville can get ahead of me and lay spikes? Vehicle’s going from the far left lane divider all the way to the far right lane divider.”

The driver was described as possibly intoxicated. A car was found in a ditch, but then the chase continued with another vehicle. When they reached 42nd Street and Highway 85, shots were fired.

Kumar Fun works at the Fast Break on the corner and saw the video of what happened, “Right there, lights on one car… hits the other car.”

He thought it was an accident.

The police radio indicated someone fired at the pursuing officers, “Do we know which vehicle shot at our deputies?”

An investigation is underway into why shots were fired in the incident. The police officer who fired the shot has not been identified.

Rick Sallinger