UPDATE: Both dogs have been found and reunited with their owners.

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The search is on for two lost dogs in Boulder. They ran away from their owners after the family was involved in a crash outside the city on Monday.

(credit: Lani Rathcke)

While the driver is still in the Intensive Care Unit, his girlfriend, Lani Rathcke, and family are desperate to get the dogs home.

(credit: Lani Rathcke)

“Charlie is a little black terrier. He is four years old,” Rathcke said. “He is a skittish little guy, kind of scared, loves only me and Dan,” she finished.

Reba is an Australian cattle dog mix the couple rescued last year.

“On Monday we were going up the canyon to go find a place to go hiking because it was her one year anniversary birthday that we got her,” Rathcke said of Reba.

Lani Rathcke (credit: CBS)

On their way up Four Mile Canyon, the family was involved in a terrible accident.

(credit: Lani Rathcke)

“I was knocked out. I came to, I knew what happened. I looked over, my boyfriend was having a seizure,” she said.

While her boyfriend Dan remains in the ICU, Lani and his family are trying to get the dogs home, spreading information and pictures of the dogs on social media and around town.

They believe the dogs were spotted near Central Park in Boulder — helping them narrow their search.

(credit: CBS)

“We are just trying to do anything really to lure them in,” Dan’s sister Amy franklin said.

With two days already gone and cold weather setting in, they’re hoping their search will end soon. One less worry for the family and for Dan who should be focusing should be on healing.

(credit: CBS)

“Would mean the world to him … He loves those dogs more than anything.”

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