WEST GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– Wildlife managers are urging residents in West Glenwood Springs to take precautions when it comes to wildlife, specifically mountain lions. Several mountains lions are suspected in attacks on pets, leaving one dog dead.

(credit: Michael Lipscomb)

Four cats, possibly a mother and her 1-year-old cubs have been spotted on a neighborhood “Critter Cam.” The lions are prime suspects in the attack on a dog on the back deck of a home last week.

(credit: CBS)

In that attack, the dog’s owner Kirby Wynn, says he was able to run outside and save the dog from the lion. His dog suffered minor injuries in the attack.

Wynn says he was within a foot of the cat that was attacking his dog, he screamed and tried kicking the animal until it let go of the dog and ran away.

CBS4’s Matt Kroschel interviews Kirby Wynn. (credit: CBS)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife managers confirm they set traps in the area last weekend and captured and euthanized two mountain lions. Wildlife officials told CBS4 that this was done due to concerns for human life and safety.

Wildlife managers believe the cats are following deer and elk into the populated areas due to heavy snow in the higher elevations.

(credit: Michael Lipscomb)

On video from a camera positioned in a tree, 20 feet from Oasis Creek about ¾ mile north of Interstate 70, shows the big cats on patrol in the area. The video was captured by Michael Lipscomb.

(credit: CBS)

Wildlife managers have also observed the cats with a deer carcass buried in the snow in that same general area.

Wildlife officials are urging people to stop leaving their pets outside alone, especially around dawn or dusk, and to keep dogs on leash. They say it could save both the lives of pets and mountain lions.

Matt Kroschel