By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – Hundreds of TSA employees at Denver International Airport continue to work without pay as a result of the government shutdown which has stretched into its 23rd day. A Colorado nonprofit, Boots 66, stepped into make sure those employees are fed properly, free of charge.

(credit: CBS)

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Boots 66 originally formed to honor soldiers killed in action. However, over time, they evolved into an organization that gives back to those who are forced in to situations out of their control. Now, the two-man group is branching out to help government employees.

“With this government shutdown, these TSA workers are out here working, but they are not getting paid. A lot of them are young, a lot of them are just starting out and don’t have the money. And, they are living paycheck to paycheck,” Wes Love said. “Doing nothing is not an option.”

(credit: CBS)

Love, and his colleague, set up a food line in the terminal at Denver International Airport, to feed TSA employees lunch.

“We’re probably going to feed at least 1,000,” Love said. “This is free. Everything is free. Have at it, eat, and you will be okay. We will get you through.”

Boots 66 purchased meat, bread, cookies and more to provide the TSA employees basic lunch necessities. They served hundreds of meals Saturday and Sunday at DIA.

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“America is famous for helping all over the world. So, we help our own, too,” Love said.

TSA employees were seen walking away from the Boots 66 booth with handfuls of food, smiles and more. Many expressed their gratitude to the nonprofit.

(credit: CBS)

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While some may argue a simple lunch shouldn’t be a financial burden to full-time employees, Love said the shutdown was clearly impacting the accounts of those who work for the TSA.

“When you got seven or eight people standing in line for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, that tells you something,” Love said.

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If you would like to donate to Boots 66, or provide meals, contact Wes Love. You can reach him at (303) 332-8121, or online at

Dillon Thomas