SEDALIA, Colo. (CBS4) – Officers who shot and killed a man last summer in Douglas County were justified in their use of force. That’s according a review released Friday by the 18th Judicial District District Attorney’s office.

(credit: 18th Judicial District)

Shots fired by officers killed Paul Askins, 61, on Highway 85 near Sedalia on Aug. 21, 2018.

Paul Askins (credit: CBS)

Bodycam video released by authorities showed how the shooting happened. Deputies pulled a truck over they say was driving in an unsafe manner. When the driver pulled over, deputies say they saw two women and two men inside. After identifying three of the passengers, investigators say Askins didn’t cooperate with deputies when they asked for his identification. They say they asked him to step out of the truck.

(credit: douglas county)

At that point Askins suddenly pointed a gun at deputies.

(credit: douglas county)

A report from the DA states the following:

(The deputy) ordered Askins to step out of the vehicle. Askins stated something to the effect of “oh hell” in response. Askins then held up what appeared to be the head of a cane, and asked for a second. Askins appeared to lean forward as if reaching for something on the floor of the truck. Moments later, Askins quickly opened the rear door and began to exit. As he did so, he began to bring a silver colored semi-automatic pistol to bear, bringing it up in his right hand as the door opened.

Deputies shot him moments after he moved toward one of the deputies, officials say. That deputy leaped backwards and fell on his back on a grassy slope as he fired 10 rounds. Another deputy also shot at Askins.

Askins had two active warrants for his arrest from El Paso County at the time he was shot. The report states he told friends and family members before the shooting “he was ‘tired of being here’ and made comments about suicide.”