By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – With the International Sportsmen’s Expo in progress at the Denver Convention Center, many outdoor enthusiasts have been seeking advice on the best gear, gadgets and information the expo could offer. One booth any outdoor survival junkie should visit, is manned by Matt Wright. Wright, a Colorado resident from Elbert, is arguably the most experienced survival expert you’ll find at the Convention Center, or anywhere in the state.

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Wright was featured multiple times on the Discovery Channel hit “Naked and Afraid” and “Naked and Afraid XL.”

“I was on a show where I’ve got to survive with absolutely nothing — butt naked in the middle of the wild,” Wright said.

Wright sells handmade knives at his booth and also gives advice and encouragement to aspiring survivalists. Wright survived in places like the Amazon and Africa with nothing but a knife. On the reality TV show he wasn’t allowed to wear clothes or have access to food he didn’t acquire through hunt. The knife he carried was one he made himself in Colorado.

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“There is no better place to learn to become one with the wild, than our (Colorado) mountains,” Wright said.

Wright plans to give speeches to Coloradans at the expo, which is sponsored by CBS4. In his speeches, he encourages Coloradans to explore the outdoors and push their limits.

“There’s a lot of people that go out in Colorado and don’t expect to get lost. It is an easy place to get turned around in,” Wright said.

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Wright said the four-day expo has everything survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts could ever need.

“The ISE kind of expresses the outdoor-ism that we all have within us,” Wright said. “Get yourself out, and explore. There are more places in Colorado than you will ever be able to find. And the only way to explore them, and see there beauty, is to get out there one step at a time.”

Dillon Thomas


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