DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Public Schools has proposed a 10 percent increase in teacher base pay to the Denver Classroom Teachers Association. It’s part of ongoing negotiations to prevent a teacher strike.

In a video posted to Facebook Friday night, DPS Superintendent Susana Cordova announced teachers will see a pay raise of “roughly” 10 percent in the proposal.

Susana Cordova (credit: CBS)

She has also proposed a pathway to a $100,000 a year base pay for classroom teachers.

The district has also proposed a $6 million increase to their previous proposal for all-day kindergarten, in line with Gov. Jared Polis’ push for free all-day kindergarten in Colorado.

Photo Credit Thinkstock

(credit: Thinkstock)

Also part of the proposal are changes to “lanes,” or what determines a teacher’s salary. Lanes will be determined by years of experience and amount of education. Cordova is also proposing a new lane change based on college credit accumulation.

The Denver Classroom Teacher’s Association, the union representing DPS classroom teachers, can now respond to the proposal. If a deal is not reached by Friday, Jan. 18, DPS teachers will begin preparing for a strike.

Ben Warwick

  1. A roughly 10% raise equals out to be about $20 a paycheck. I think our district can do better for our teachers when there are roughly 7 administrators for each classroom teacher, and a PR department that is 32 employees strong (more than the number of teachers at our school)…