By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – The International Sportsmen’s Expo at the Denver Convention Center continues this weekend. At the expo, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have a booth in which they’re educating the public about their new phone apps. The apps help Coloradans find local trails, fishing spots and more. The apps also educate users on how heavily traveled, or fished, spots around Colorado are.

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“How do we keep Colorado, Colorado?” said Travis Duncan. spokesman for Parks & Wildlife. “$62 billion in economic input is what comes in to the state from outdoor recreation. Which is huge.”

That $62 billion is more than double the revenue outdoor exploration brought in to Colorado just five years ago. Duncan and others hope the the apps will encourage Coloradans, and visitors, to explore places less traveled.

“Some places are getting overrun with people loving the land to death,” Duncan said.

Users of the new apps can input data at each spot they visit.


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“You can find trails that are around you, really explore those hidden places,” Duncan said. “That helps you find trails that maybe nobody has been on.”

On the app focused on angling, users can upload photos and data on the fish they catch. Parks & Wildlife also updates the app, so users can tell if they recently stocked the body of water with fish.

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“Rivers, streams and lakes, there are a lot for people that are out there,” said Mike Delliveneri, spokesperson with Parks and Wildlife. “The app can help (users) find some places that are a little less popular.”

The apps are free, and Coloradans are encouraged to download them on the Google and Apple application stores.

Dillon Thomas


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