DENVER (CBS4) – Rep. Jason Crow is keeping a campaign promise to end the influence of special interests in politics. Crow represents Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.

Jason Crow (credit: CBS)

He’s among the sponsors of a sweeping reform bill called the “We The People Act.” It creates automatic voter registration and ends gerrymandering.

The bill also eliminates dark money in politics by requiring super PACs to disclose their donors. Crow was one of the first candidates in the 2018 election to refuse corporate PAC money.

“People, overwhelming, across the country are standing up saying ‘We don’t feel the government works for us.’ Trust with their elected officials is at an all-time low right now, and it’s at an all-time low for good reason because of the money in system. I’m going to push hard, we’re going to take a stand, we’re on right side of history here,” Crow said.

The bill also bars members of Congress from serving on corporate boards and requires presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.


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