ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4)– In an effort to keep drugs out of homes and the possession of children, the Arvada Police Department invested in a “Mobile Bedroom.” The tool is one in which detectives believe will help parents better control what their kids bring in to their home.

(credit: Arvada Police)

The bedroom, furnished inside a mobile trailer, has a shower, bed, dresser and other common items found in a typical bedroom. Police then place drug paraphernalia, or items associated with drug use and distribution, throughout the room. Parents are then welcomed to comb their way through the room, with the task of trying to find places kids may hide drugs.

(credit: Arvada Police)

In a video released by Arvada police, parents are seen going through the room, finding drugs hidden in places like teddy bears, lamps, video game boxes and hats.

(credit: Arvada Police)

“I think it is a great idea to give parents the opportunity to see where children are placing things. There are a lot of places I thought of, but other locations that I didn’t know were available,” one parent said after touring the room.

(credit: Arvada Police)

The room, purchased with money from the “Marijuana Impact Grant,” can change as kids evolve the way they hide drugs.

(credit: Arvada Police)

“The idea behind the mobile bedroom is it allows the parents the opportunity to go in to a bedroom that has similar items of their children’s bedroom, and gives them the opportunity to see if they can find where kids are hiding drugs these days,” said Arvada Police Officer Brad Gagon.

(credit: Arvada Police)

Dillon Thomas


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