By Michael Abeyta

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – The Cobblestone Ranch neighborhood in north east Castle Rock is a quiet one, but recently neighbors have had a scare. It all started Dec. 14th when a house was struck by a bullet.

(credit: CBS)

That homeowner called police, but a couple days later police were told of more trouble.

“Since the 14th, we’ve had two additional reports of residences being struck by bullets and a fourth person had called in to say they heard a gunshot with the sound of what they thought was a projectile flying close by,” said Joe Cybert, a spokesman for the Castle Rock Police Department.

Joe Cybert (credit: CBS)

Police say they believe the bullets are coming from a spot in the nearby open space. The ATF’s explosives sniffing dog tracked the scent there. It is legal to target shoot in Douglas County, but these rounds have put residents in danger.

Police are glad nobody has been hit yet, but they still want to find who the person responsible.

(credit: CBS)

“The concern obviously is that people live in those homes and so we’ve been fortunate up to this point, but we want to make sure that nobody does get hurt in the future,” said Cybert.

They also want to remind people if you are shooting in open space, make sure you are practicing proper gun safety.

(credit: CBS)

“As with anybody shooting a gun you need to know what your backdrop is and what’s beyond that and make sure that the rounds you are shooting don’t escape that area.”

CBS4’s Michael Abeyta did talk to a homeowner whose house was struck, but she declined to comment saying that she doesn’t want to interfere with the investigation. She did say she hopes the shooting stops soon because she wants her neighbors to stay safe.

Castle Rock police remind you that if you hear shooting especially in this area, call them right away.

Michael Abeyta


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