DENVER (CBS4)– With Colorado attracting thousands of fly-fishing enthusiasts every year, the number of women actively pursuing the sport is on the steady incline. According to anglers, women make up 34.5 percent of the anglers in the state, up more than 15 percent compared to five years ago.

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Women who are active in the sport said they knew it was a male-dominated sport, but they would like to change that.

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“There are a lot of guys out there,” said Jen Ripple, Editor in Chief of Dunn Magazine. “But, there is a huge women’s growth in fly fishing.”

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“We’re growing, and it is incredible,” said Heather Hodson, an angler. “Fly fishing is definitely a male-dominated sport. But, we are the largest demographic that is growing within the sport.”

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With a growing number of women fly-fishing, The Fly Fishing Show at the Denver Mart created an entire section, dedicated to women and the sport.

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In the section, woman-owned fishing companies, and organizations, are available for those who are interested in entering the sport.

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“Women think fly fishing is hard, or it is expensive. But, it is neither of those,” Ripple said. “We want to get more women involved.”

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“I’m a nurse. So, I can escape the alarms, and what not, going (fishing). And, I can be at one with nature,” Hodson said. “(Women) can still look good on the water, catch fish, and be awesome.”

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Ripple said updating the state’s fishing license technology would likely show an even larger number of women involved in the sport. She hoped to have at least 50 percent of wranglers be women in the coming years.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s easy. Pick up a fly rod and try it,” Ripple said.

The Fly Fishing Show is in Denver Jan. 4 through Jan. 6.

LINK: Fly Fishing Show

Dillon Thomas

  1. sivey13b says:

    Great read! This is fantastic ti see more women in the sport! We are noticing the same trend here in NZ

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