WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – Patrick Frazee, fiancé of missing mom Kelsey Berreth, now faces first-degree murder charges. Police say the body of the Woodland Park 29-year-old has not been found but they believe she is dead.

Patrick Frazee (credit: Teller County Sheriff)

“This has been a methodical and time consuming multi-state operation with investigators working nearly around the clock to find Kelsey. While we haven’t found Kelsey at this time, information has been developed that is helping to narrow down our search,” Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young said. “As you can tell from the arrest, sadly, we don’t believe Kelsey is alive.”

Kelsey Berreth (credit: CBS)

Frazee was arrested at his home in Florissant just after daybreak on Friday and booked into the Teller County Jail. Officials were able to get the arrest warrant based on the interviews they conducted with Frazee. They wouldn’t say if any specific evidence found in Berreth’s home also led to Frazee’s arrest, but the police chief did say what the evidence told them.

“Investigators have recovered a number of items that make us suspicious that the crime did occur at Kelsey’s residence. And that’s why we have been coming back to her residence as we get additional information that leads us to various locations,” De Young said.

Berreth was last seen was on Thanksgiving Day at Safeway when she handed over her toddler to her fiancé. She was reported missing Dec. 2 by her mother.

Patrick Frazee and Kelsey Berreth (credit: Facebook/Missing Mother – Kelsey Berreth)

At this point authorities aren’t saying whether there could be more people who might face charges.

Watch the complete Friday morning police news conference from Woodland Park below:

Court documents are currently sealed in the case. Formal charges are expected in approximately 10 days.

“My office’s position is we are not going to unseal records if it will put the investigation itself in peril,” Teller County District Attorney Dan May said. “That is the status right now is there are a lot of investigative leads that still need to be done.”

The Woodland Park home of Kelsey Berreth (credit: CBS)

The FBI spent all day at Berreth’s townhome on Thursday, and for the first time began taking large items out of the house. On Thursday night investigators from multiple agencies were spotted carrying several pieces of evidence away. Neighbors in Woodland Park told CBS4’s partner KKTV in Colorado Springs that the search felt different on Thursday. Police also returned to the home on Friday.

Authorities have also searched Frazee’s property in Florissant this week and their search there involved heavy digging equipment.

Frazee’s property in Florissant (credit: CBS)

Frazee is the father of Berreth’s child, who is now in protective custody. De Young said the 1-year-old will be placed with family members soon.

Frazee appeared in court via video conferencing on Friday and was advised of the charges against him. He is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 31.

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    Narcissist think they can outsmart every 1. They don’t care about others so they have a hard time pretending normal feelings. They have something if they got an arrest warrant. The solicitation makes me think he spoke 2 someone about killing her & that someone is now talking. Now they have all lost. She lost her life, the child lost both parents and he is in jail for life. Bet he regrets being a selfish, jealous hot head now.

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