By Jamie Leary

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– A judge in Teller County has decided to postpone the re-sentecing of a man in prison for the 1992 murders of his mother and stepfather.

Jacob Ind, now 41, murdered his parents in Woodland Park when he was 15.

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There were many statements made in favor of Ind in court on Thursday. His wife, Denise, flew to Teller County from Belfast in Northern Ireland, pleading with the judge to give her husband the minimum sentence.

Denise Ind told the judge she has known Jacob for the last four years and probably knows him the best out of anyone. She also has a son who has spent many hours on the phone with Ind and is looking forward to having him in his life.

Denise Ind (credit: Denise Ind)

Jacob Ind was one of the last people to step in front of the judge to speak. He told her it was the first time he had been in that position since he was 16 years old.

Ind cried as he read from his statement, “A big part of being a responsible adult is speaking the truth and not hiding it. Growing up for me was confusing. Being a small child… torn between love and terror, hatred and fun… how could I have a nice birthday party and then hear I was a ‘disgusting rotten boy?'”

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Testimony from Ind’s brother from the November retrial was revisited in court Thursday. It detailed gruesome instances sexual and verbal abuse.

“The degree of abuse was sadistic, it’s my expert opinion that his mother was a sadist. She was trying to control him mentally and physically as you would a prisoner of war,” said Dr. David Castor, a psychiatrist.

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The defense was able to cross-examine Castor and pointed out that he hadn’t seen Ind since 1994 and his conclusion was based on information he had gathered from court documents. Not conversations with Ind.

The defense stood firm on the long-held opinion of District Attorney, Dan May. That Ind was manipulative and unstable.

“This is a premeditated, violent, disgusting murder. Jacob Ind deserves life in prison without parole but we respect the rules of the legislature so we will agree to the plea deal. The only appropriate sentence is the maximum,” said his defense council.

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During the initial trial in 1992, Ind was prevented from testifying by his attorney. That is a violation of his rights. This was also the reason he was granted a new trial which took place in November.

At that time, Ind took a plea deal which included credit for the 26 years he has served.

The judge has not set a date to continue the sentencing but could sentence him anywhere between 32 and 72 years.

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