NEW ORLEANS, La. (CBS Local) — The phrase “get off my lawn” comes to mind after a UPS delivery driver in New Orleans was caught on camera Friday cutting across a man’s front yard to make a delivery.

“Big heavy truck loaded down with Christmas goodies, probably as heavy as it’ll be,” said local artist Tuna Seither, who owns the property and provided the video to WDSU.

Seither’s lawn is torn up by tire tracks and the problem is only getting worse.

He suspects other drivers have been cutting across his lawn to avoid a construction site at the corner of Louis XIV Street and Polk Street in the city’s Lakeview neighborhood.

“If its my neighbors doing it, I mean what do I say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go drive across your lawn?’ Bah humbug, you know what I mean. I don’t mean to be like that, but I wouldn’t drive across someone lawn or my neighbor’s lawn,” Seither said.

A UPS spokesperson said the driver’s behavior was unacceptable and that the company plans to personally apologize to Seither.